Frequently Asked Question:

Is myArcadeConsole console a kit to mount?

No. The console is supplied already assembled, only to be connected to the power supply. The transportable version must be connected to a television via HDMI. The HDMI cable is not supplied.

If you wish, you can order the PIMORONI Kit directly on our site.

Is the console ready for delivery?

No. The console is built at the time of order to assure the assembly of the latest components and the latest software versions.

It takes about 7-10 days for home delivery.

Is it necessary to configure something before using it?

The only two things to do are:

1) Configure the WiFi network
2) Copy the ROMs of the games you want via the network.

Both configurations are provided with a guide along with the console.

Only for the first configuration requires a USB keyboard; after this configuration the system is fully usable without a keyboard.

How many USB sockets are there?

The system offers four USB sockets, but only three is usable for the user because one is used to connect Arduino co-processor.

One of them is reachable through a small USB extension.

Are the games already installed?

Only some games.

There are about 100,000 free games to install on this console: just go to the internet search engine and search for the roms you want, there are dozens and dozens of sites that allow you to download ROMs. For example, look for "donkey kong rom" and you will find rom's links for the desired emulator.

Each emulator has its ROMs so you need to search and download the correct ones and put them in the correct directory of the console via a network connection, from your PC or laptop, or via a USB stick (the operating system will come Loaded by MicroSD while the games will reside on the USB stick).

In the console guide, the procedure is well described.

Which memory card is the best choice to order?

The 16 GB base card is enough to load about 10,000 games. Obviously it depends on the size of the ROM you are going to charge. Most recent console emulators usually have larger ROMs, so if you're a Playstation gamer, you should take the 64 or 128 GB card.

Can I have more memory cards?

Yes, just copy the memory card that comes with the console with any SD card copy software, so you can create a card with sports games and one with bar games, or just a Playstation card and one with the games of old emulators.

We always recommend (even in the guide) to make a backup copy of the memory card as soon as the console is delivered, just simply do an image of the hard disk card.

Can I add a keyboard or mouse?

Yes, the console comes with a removable USB socket: on that jack you can connect a keyboard (only for initial setup).

Can I customize my console?

Of course! The console is not sealed. Simply unscrew the screws to open the cabinet and place all the customizations you want, by replacing the stick, the buttons, adding a usb keyboard, a mouse or more.

Is there a power on / off button?

No. The console turns on by connecting the power supply to the power outlet and shuts off by turning on the Shutdown from the main menu. If desired, there are special power supplies with switches that can be purchased separately. We have preferred to supply the original Raspberry power supply with the console for reliability issues (it costs even more ...).

Can you use an audio headset?

Yes, in the left side of the console is the headphone jack. It is necessary in the main menu to indicate the audio output as the headphone instead of the HDMI jack (default setting).