Who we are

Our company

We are a company of videogames fans.

Actually in Italy there are not companies that build low-cost retrogames console: you can only try to build a console yourself but you need to be an expert, or buy a very expensive bar cabinet (from € 1000 and up).

For this reason we decided to build this first console for all Retrogames' fans who want a console ready to be connected to the television without having to go crazy in cables, connectors and complex software configurations.


The console is totally hand-made in our laboratory: no industry, no robots, no automation or assembly line, only screwdrivers, wires and software programming.

We are PIMORONI Ltd. authorized retailer: we are using the PIMORONI Picade Kit (the best kit on the market) to build the console, adding processors and all peripherals needed. We assemble and configure the console for you. The item price is simply the sum of component costs plus a little price for work.

For this reason we need about 14 days to assemble and configure your console before shipping.

Obviously being fans we will give all the necessary advice to those who want to change or customize your own myArcadeConsole.