Your custom Deluxe Edition

Your myArcadeConsole Deluxe Edition could be customized as you wish, both in terms of controls and form.

As for the controls, you can request:

  • joystick of different shape and color (with stick instead of ball, different colors, etc.)
  • different or transparent color buttons
  • backlit buttons
  • additional trackball
  • additional spinner

The screen can be 4: 3 or 16: 9.

The forms may be different from the basic proposal (bartop):

  • Cocktail (to be placed on the table for two players)
  • Stand-Up (with support base, like game room consoles)
  • Wall-mounted (to hang on the wall with special brackets)

You can also request a cheap Deluxe Edition to connect to your TV via HDMI cable, basically a two-player control panel:

In all these cases request a quote through the Contact us page.